The Sunday Assembly Expanding

Atheists Announce Plans To Create Godless Churches Around The World

Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, founders of The Sunday Assembly plan to expand their churches across the globe The need for environments for non-believers

Snow Leopards

Tibetan Buddhist Monks Attempt to Help Save Dwindling Snow Leopard Population

Tibetan Buddhist Monks are doing their part to help save the endangered Snow Leopard species The love and respect of all living creatures is

Verlene Cheeseboro

Creating A Positive Future For Harlem Youth

Verlene Cheeseboro (right) with Queen Mother Parousia Jordan (center), a Harlem elder, at the opening of the Volunteer Ministers tent in Harlem. Realizing that

Encyclopedia of Hinduism

Encyclopedia of Hinduism Unveiled After 25 Years of Work

The University of South Carolina, after a long expedition of 25 years, finally launched Encyclopedia of Hinduism with the help of 1,000 scholars. The

Priestly Celibacy

Vatican Could Be Open To A New Policy Regarding Priestly Celibacy

Secretary of State of the Vatican Archbishop Pietro Parolin says Pope Francis should change the Catholic policy on celibacy. Some rather surprising remarks were

The LDS Mormon Church Launches Religious Freedom Awareness Campaign

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also called the Mormon or LDS Church, is no stranger to social media, online publishing and

Turbans are symbols of love, not terror

The Surat Initiative organized a Sikh Turban movement in New York City last Sunday to make the world aware of the significance of the

WRN Religious Freedom Resources

Religious Freedom – The Right Of Every Human Being: Background, Sites & Resources

Religious freedom is a right that we all have. We are all free to practice a religion of our own choosing or we can

The Church of Scientology Issues a 9/11 Commemorative Press Release

The Church of Scientology today released a press release commemorating their Volunteer Ministers contribution to the 9/11 disaster response. More than 800 Scientology Volunteer

Pastor and American Airlines Pilot Steve Scheibner Says God Saved Him on 9/11

An American Airlines copilot who was bumped last minute from flying one of the hijacked American Airlines planes on 9/11 believes he's living on