Nelson Mandela

The Religious and Spiritual Beliefs of Nelson Mandela

Last week the passing of Nelson Mandela was announced. Aged 95, he had come from being a prisoner for 27 years to President of


Opinion: Four Misconceptions About Islamic Concepts From a Quranist Perspective

A copy of the Qur'an on display at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Peace! I just want to share some of

Hindu Gods Shown on Beer Labels

Beer Artwork Leaves A Bitter Taste in Hindu Mouths

Brookvale Union Brewery, an Australian brewing company and Asheville Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina have come under scrutiny for depicting religious Hindu deities

Atheist Daley Center Display

Atheist Symbol Joins Christian and Jewish Displays in Chicago Plaza

Each year in Chicago’s Daley Plaza, displays are erected for religious holidays occurring in December. This year, the usual Hanukkah menorah and Christmas Nativity

Gap "Make Love" Ad

“Love” Ad Sparks Hate Crime Against Sikh Model

Seeing graffiti in tunnels and subways is not an uncommon sight in NYC but it is quite unusual to witness a flared up cultural

Happy Hanukkah: Snow Covered Chanukah Menorah

Winter Holiday Series: Hanukkah

Hanukkah, also known as the both the Feast of Dedications and the Festival of Lights, is a well known holiday in the Jewish religion.

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hasidic Jews’ Clothing But Were Afraid to Ask

StyleLikeU, a multimedia blog whose tagline is "freedom of expression through personal style", is producing a series called Uniforms, in which they feature groups

President John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy’s Catholic Faith: How it Helped Shape His Political Views

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy. His assassination shocked the world and left a nation

Catacombs of Priscilla

The Vatican Unveils Newly Restored Paintings and Causes a Stir

Last week, the Vatican showed the public the first glimpse of its newly restored frescoes, which are situated in the Catacombs of Priscilla. The

Winter Holiday Series: Day of the Covenant

Winter Holiday Series: Day of the Covenant

Left: The only US Bahá’í house of worship, in Illinois. Right: `Abdu'l-Bahá, the oldest son of the founder of the Bahá’í faith. The Day