Church prayer

Does Religion Nudge Us Toward Virtue? And Does it Work?

Does being religious make us behave more morally has long been debated. Of interest to psychologists and philosophers, according to one scholar it really

Washington National Cathedral Achieves the Status of “Megachurch”

The Washington National Cathedral has achieved the status of “megachurch” by streaming their religious services online through the pandemic lockdowns over the last two

Middle Collegiate Church, in East Village, New York

The Oldest Active Christian Congregation in America Finds a New Home — in a Synagogue

Middle Collegiate Church, in the East Village of New York City, organized in 1628, was the oldest of all continuously active congregations in America

Beyond Labels & Exclusion: Multifaith Roundtable Explores Paths to Understanding

Who are you? What do you believe? Can we still work together, despite our differences? These are questions often asked of faith leaders and

Going to Church in Medieval England

How Life in England in the Middle Ages Revolved Around the Church—Particularly at Easter

As Easter approaches, an article on History Extra, the official website of BBC History Magazine, explains that in Medieval England, although everyone was expected

Image by Francesco Bonino,

How Changing Demographics of Italian Villages Have Taken Their Toll on Magnificent Churches

Photo stories on the Metropolitan Museum and Smithsonian websites this month pay homage to the beauty of Italy’s village churches—at least 1,000 of which

United Nations

New UN Day, International Day to Combat Islamophobia, is Adopted Unanimously But Not Without Controversy

The United Nations has unanimously adopted a resolution submitted by Pakistan on behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to set aside March 15 as

Patriarch Bartholomew signing the tomos of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Eastern Orthodox Theologian Warns of Troubling Times

The war in Ukraine has enormous religious implications and is deeply troubling to Eastern Orthodox Catholics in the United States, according to a leading

Remembering Cheyenne Chief and Mennonite Pastor Homer Hart

Lawrence Homer Hart, whose Cheyenne name was He’amavehonevėstse or Sky Chief, died March 6 at 89. Principal peace chief of the Cheyenne, Hart was

Customers of a Buddhist Barber Shop in Spokane Stop in for a Haircut and Leave at Peace

An article in the Spokane Faiths and Values Community website features local barber Jefferson Workman. A member of the board of directors of the