After a Baptist church is torched in Mississippi and “Vote for Trump” spray painted on the side, GoFundMe donations are rolling in to rebuild the church.

A traditionally black church in Mississippi was burned and vandalized with graffiti that read “Vote for Trump.” The incident took place overnight Tuesday and no injuries or deaths have been reported.

Police are calling it a hate crime. This incident is very much reminiscent of the brutal actions of the Ku Klux Klan, who committed several crimes against black Christians due to their white Christian supremacist ideology. Today, a growing number of people are of the opinion Trump is rekindling the flames of racism and white superiority in America.

Over $180,000 has been raised on a GoFundMe page for repairs to the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church. Republican Governor Phil Bryant has condemned the crime as being one that will incur punishment from God. However, he indicated legal action will also be taken.

Spokespersons for the 111-year-old church have confirmed it will be reconstructed on the same spot with the funds. Bishop Clarence Green said the church had never been vandalized in his 21 years.


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