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Outrage Over Pornstar Dressing Up As Virgin Mary

Outrage over Pornstar Dressed Like Virgin Mary

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Mia Khalifa Used the Virgin Mary Photo As Protest for Female Empowerment

Former adult industry actress Mia Khalifa has created a storm on social media by posting a photo of her face superimposed on the body of the Virgin Mary.

Outrage Over Pornstar Dressing Up As Virgin Mary[/tweetthis]

The Lebanese-born American social media personality shared the image on Instagram alongside the caption “When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa.”

Ms. Khalifa was likely referring to an incident where Pakistani activist for female education, Malala Yousafzai was demonized online for apparently wearing tight jeans. An unverified photograph of a woman who looks like Ms. Yousafzai in jeans and high-heel shoes was first published on Siasat, an online, Pakistani news forum.

Mia’s post sparked many angry comments, with some calling her “stupid!” and others even asking her to take it down. Some religious sticklers appeared to be greatly offended by the post, with one user telling her “You have no business with the saints. You are a disgrace!” A more amusingly mysterious comment came from one person who proclaimed that “After this act, I will never look at your videos anymore!”

Nevertheless, she did also receive widespread support from her fans, with one commenter even proclaiming love for Khalifa. “Well done girl, love you!” Another user demonstrated their lack of conformism with religion by questioning the angry response from religious people, “So many people angry for a cosplay of a fictional character.”

This is not the first time that the 24-year-old has caused controversy in recent times, after a video that of her being allegedly kicked out of an MLB (Major League Baseball) match surfaced online. The video, posted on Twitter by fan account Hooligan Baseball showed her being escorted out of the building at the same time as the Dodgers scored a walk-off home run. Mia responded to the video by tweeting “fake news.”


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