Online Religion Style Book Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Religion

Religion Newswriters Association Is Changing Media And Individual Views

How well do you know religion? Do you know the correct spelling, grammar rules, and accurate definitions? Probably not. A recent study demonstrated that the best that Americans can score on a religious test is 20 out of 32 questions. Fun fact: the highest scoring group were Atheists.

So where can you get information? With too many sites giving biased or confusing information it can be difficult. That is why the Religion Style Book is a great resource. While it is primarily designed to be a guide for journalists reporting news on faith, the general public can also use it.

The website gives information on every single religion, as well as significant terms and concepts, spelling, and grammar. It was created by the Religion Newswriters Association, a nonprofit organization that originates from the University of Missouri Columbia.

For journalists, this site provides a manual for how to write and report on religion news stories correctly. This carries greater importance than you might think. Style guides, in general, are used to settle debates on proper definition and terms. If a sufficient number of journalists use a word dictated by a style guide, it can completely change the narrative. With different religions having hundreds of years of conflict on how to define exact terms, this can be tricky.

However, if there is a criticism of the Religion Style Book, it is mostly hidden. This could be because the style book is the most comprehensive resource that can be found. Other style books include religion, but do not update in real-time and do not have the sponsorship of the Religion Newswriters Association, the most respected and oldest organization that focuses on religious news stories.

So if you are curious how you pluralize Sikh or want to know what the term Jihad means, visit the website. As Albert Einstein once said “peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”


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