The Odd Relationship Between Trump and the White House Bible Study Group Pastor

Drollinger has proved himself to be a conservative evangelical

The United States Cabinet now plays host to a Bible study group under the tutelage of Ralph Drollinger , the Capitol Ministries president and a former professional basketball player. The 63-year-old Californian regards homosexuality as illegitimate and believes women should not preach. He has also labeled Catholicism as a “false” religion. He claims President Donald J. Trump himself loves his Bible study.

Drollinger claimed in an interview with a prominent media house that the president wrote back to him concerning his Bible studies. He even described Trump's pen to bolster his claim. When contacted, the White House declined to confirm the pastor's claims.

Ten Cabinet members sponsor Drollinger's study group. This list includes powerful ones like Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary, and Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State. Each meeting is approximately two hours and held every Wednesday. The exact location of the meeting place is kept a secret due to security concerns.

A Capitol Ministries spokesperson told the media that the role taken up by Drollinger is to assist individual Christian legislators in increasing their knowledge of the word spoken by God and faith. The other stated objective is to lead men unaware of God to the arms of Christ. The spokesperson highlighted that such a duty was not imposed on Drollinger. He started it himself.

Leading a White House prayer group is not new to Capitol Ministries. Drollinger established the organization in 1996. His wife is a partner in this venture. The principal service is to provide prayer groups and hold Bible study meetings. It also offers private ministrations to politicians. Capitol Ministries now functions in 43 state capitols inside the United States. It operates in more than 20 locations outside the U.S.

Meetings held by Capitol Ministries have a pattern. Drollinger analyzes a single verse of Scripture exclusively on every meet. This means completing the Bible may take more than a year. The pastor from California has completed Sermon on the Mount series in the D.C. Study. The said scriptures deal with Jesus’ moral teachings which devout Christians regard as central to their faith.

Drollinger is known to be outspoken in his teachings. He holds controversial positions on Catholicism, women, and same-sex relationships. Drollinger has argued that different roles are set for men and women. He also forbids female leadership in marriage and church.


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