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Obama Puts an End to 9/11 Terrorist Program NSEERS

The end of the program will make it more difficult for a Trump-led government to create a Muslim registry.

The Obama administration delivered a masterstroke against the incoming Trump-led government by getting rid of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration Systems (NSEERS) program. This will make things more difficult for the President-elect to go ahead with his proposed plan to create a Muslim registry in America. Now, Trump will have to work on his registry from scratch if he wants to go ahead with his plan rather than simply upgrade the existing program.

Obama Puts an End to 9/11 Terrorist Program NSEERS[/tweetthis]

The NSEERS program was brought into force in the time of Bush and was meant to keep track of all Muslim and Arab men. The program has become obsolete ever since. Now that the time is drawing closer for the Obama Administration to come to an end, the time may have seemed right for the White House to make sure that this law is not accessible to the new president who has shown anti-Islamic sentiments.

The program’s cancellation was proposed by the New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. He called for the cancellation of the program on December 21. In a letter to President Obama, arguing that the registry has not reduced terrorism at all. As such, the program was a complete failure, and only caused innocent Muslims to face a lot of unnecessary harassment. Under this program, 25 countries, mostly Muslim-majority nations, signed an agreement with the U.S. which allowed the U.S. government to track people who were coming from and returning to this country. Although no convictions were made and no terrorists were actually found, the program did cause the deportation of 13,000 people.

A lot of torture was meted out to innocent Muslims in America thanks to the NSEERS program. Families were separated from each other due to sudden arrests. Muslim men simply vanished randomly without a trace. The arrested Muslim men were subjected to a lot of tortures in overcrowded prisons. A number of civil rights violations have been discovered from FBI investigations.

Trumps’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway refuted claims that Trump wants to ban Muslim immigrants from coming into the U.S. on December 22. She asked people to focus on what he really meant by his words rather than go by what the media is trying to report. Claims that Trump is going to create a Muslim registry were also refuted. Earlier, the mayor of New York City openly declared that no such registry would be allowed to take form in his city under him.

The controversial program meet its end with the new regulations introduced by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday.


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