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Nike Rejects Stephen Curry’s Bible Verse Sneaker, Curry Pursues Deal with Under Armour Instead

Nike Rejects Stephen Curry’s Bible Verse Sneaker, Curry Pursues Deal with Under Armour Instead
By Noah Salzman (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
After Nike rejected his sneaker printed with a Bible verse, NBA player Stephen Curry has moved on to Under Armour instead.

Stephen Curry is a very well-known and respected basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. The past few weeks there has been a rumor that the star was rejected by Nike because he wanted to have a Bible verse on his shoes. The verse in question was Philippians 4:13. The exact wording of the verse varies according to which Bible translation is used, but in general, the verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.”

Nike Rejects Stephen Curry’s Bible Verse Sneaker, Curry Pursues Deal with Under Armour Instead[/tweetthis]

In addition to this deal, there was another deal with Under Armour that has moved forward. Nike would not allow Curry to incorporate his faith into his product so instead, he decided that he would break the contract with Nike and work with a company that would help him to make a powerful statement and not to create an empty product.

Curry previously held a contract with UA before taking on one with Nike. When Curry made the change to UA, he knew he was doing it because he wanted to develop an incredible product that spoke about his faith. The message that was a part of his contract was rather simple and it said, “I can do all things.” It was something that was very personal and important to him and made him realize that he had to have it as something that he was going to do in his shoes to make sure that they were powerful.

Stephen Curry is undeniably the best shooter in NBA history and he is breaking records left and right. What that means is that his record keeps getting better and better. Many people believe that he will be unseating LeBron James in the coming weeks considering that he is the best out there currently which means he is going to be able to sell huge amounts of shoes. The value of this contract has been estimated at $150 million and continues to increase.

If UA were to release some faith-based shoes or allow there to be a verse in the shoes, it would be the first time that a company the size of UA considered a religious contract. Investors are looking at the UA contract and they are predicting that it will be wildly successful and that there will be a chance that they will completely unseat the sales of everyone but Michael Jordan who remains a brand that no other player has ever come up near.

Curry continues to be a rising star in the basketball world and will bring will power wherever his contract is and that means that there are many huge endorsement campaigns that will continue to rise. Curry is very Christian and continues to be a powerhouse for the entire industry. UA has scored a huge contract with Stephen Curry and will continue to rise in value as well as in the history books. Curry’s faith based ideas continue to drive his positions in contracts and life.


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