Opinions differ among Americans how the next president should address Islam

Mixed reactions and opinions have been witnessed among the Americans regarding how the next president should address Islamic religion once in power. According to the survey, the larger portion of Americans sympathize with the Islamic religion and they think that the next president should speak about the religion in a sensitive way. However, there are those who think that Islam as a religion has a lot to do with violence not only in America but across the globe as well.

At least 4 out of 10 republicans are for the idea that the next president must be very hard on Islam, even if it means speaking ill of them. Further information based on the study claims that there is a big reason to believe that a considerably large segment of U.S. Muslims are anti-America and therefore they must not be trusted. Even the republicans who seem to be on the side of Muslims still believe that there are some anti-Americans among the large number.

In a different study done in 2015, it was revealed that at least 46% of the entire Muslim community has a hand in fueling violence in America. 49% of the American population holds the view that Muslim extremism is on a high rise.

At least 68% of Americans think that violence cases are an individual responsibility rather than a religion-fueled mission. They think that most terrorists only find refuge in religion so as to generalize the notion, while everything is all about individual efforts. However, 22% of Americans think that the kind of teachings offered in Islamic institutions play a major role in fueling violence.

For the last few months, one of the presidential candidates in America, Donald Trump, indicated his disinterest in Islamic affairs and even uttered very harsh words against the religion. The current president of the U.S., Barrack Obama, however, differs from the view of Donald Trump. He speaks positive of the religion.

Currently, there is division among Americans on the manner that the next president should speak about Muslims. While almost half of the American population warns against the president talking ill about the Muslim community, the other half holds a totally different view on the same. The division among Americans is however along partisan and ideological lines. It is believed that the leadership influences some of the views aired by Americans heavily.


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