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New Study Reveals Religious Oppression Around The World

New Study Reveals Religious Oppression Around The World

The International Freedom Religious Report Will Shape U.S. Diplomacy

The U.S. Department of State released its annual International Religious Freedom Report. The document highlights the horrific struggle millions of people go through to practice their faith.

New Study Reveals Religious Oppression Around The World[/tweetthis]

Religious Freedom Ambassador Sam Brownback released a statement about the report. He commented that the report would be carefully used to determine what actions would be taken to engage countries that limit freedom of religion. He mentioned North Korea, Iran, China, and Myanmar as particularly egregious in their restriction of religious liberty and state-sponsored violence.

As WRN has reported, Jehovah’s Witnesses have faced persecution on several continents. The religion was officially banned in Russia with criminal prosecutions and government harassment following. Eritrea has had over 50 Jehovah’s Witnesses jailed.

One country that ambassador Brownback was optimistic about was Saudi Arabia. Although there are very few religious freedoms in the theocratic government, Brownback claimed the state was making serious reforms to offer more liberalization.

It is still unclear what steps will be taken and when they will be made.


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