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New Study Reveals How Your Religion Defines How You See Abortion

New Study Reveals How Your Religion Defines How You See Abortion
March For Life Becomes A Symbol of Divide in America

Yesterday marked a historic day in the fight for pro-life policies. America witnessed the largest gathering in the March for Life. The March For Life is an annual rally that gives Americans a platform to protest the legality and general practice of abortion. President Trump even addressed the large crowd.

New Study Reveals How Your Religion Defines How You See Abortion[/tweetthis]

The March For Life is a visual representation of the religious split on views on abortion. According to a new study by Pew Research Center, the majority of Americans stance on abortion stems from their religious affiliations. The starkest contrast was between atheists and the majority of faith groups on the banning of abortion. Atheists expressed positive sentiment about abortion rights. People of various faiths contradicted the atheists stand and hoped that abortion would be criminalized soon.

According to the findings of the 2017 study, more than eighty percent of Jehovah’s Witnesses think that abortion should be illegal. Atheists both support the legality of abortion and a consideration for the situation and scenario for any limitation of it legally.

The Pew Research data showed that Catholic Church’s followers are split evenly on the question of abortion legality. This is highly surprising as the Catholic Church openly condemns abortion. The findings did find that the evangelical Christians were united in the criminalization of abortion.

While religion can be a powerful influence in individual value systems, advancements in both medical and science fields are changing the basis of pro-lifers argument. When abortion was being legalized, the earliest a fetus was expected to survive was at twenty-eight weeks. In today’s time, doctors have successfully detached a twenty-week-old fetus. This has prompted people to ask whether the question of abortion should be left to medical practitioners.


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