New Book Claims Homosexual Behavior is Rampant in the Vatican Clergy

80 percent of the members of the Vatican clergy are gay claims writer Frederic Martel.

An explosive claim made by French writer Frederic Martel alleges many of the Catholic priests in the Vatican Clergy are engaging in homosexual behavior. The writer goes so far as to claim the disagreements present in the church today stem from an internal battle among those who are homosexual and those who are not.

According to the book, many of the priests within the clergy at the Vatican have formed a gay subculture where they are more accepting of each other’s predilections. Ironically, many of these same people are the ones who are publicly denouncing homosexuals and demanding they change their ways.

In the Closet of the Vatican is a thorough examination of homosexuality in the Holy See. Over the last four years, the author spent a great deal of time traveling to 30 countries and spending time in the Vatican. The book also had an interview with a priest who claimed roughly 80 percent of the members of the Vatican clergy are gay, although those claims are still unproven and unsubstantiated at the present.

The product of Martel’s research came from interviews with many people within the Church. According to the book, the author sought consultations with 45 nuncios, 52 bishops, and 41 cardinals within the church, though their exact positions within the church were not noted.

One of the most shocking results from an early reading of the book suggests that Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, the famed consultant for family and marriage for John Paul II, was living a second life as a gay man. He supposedly had numerous affairs with members of the clergy as well as liaisons with prostitutes who were male.

Perhaps the most significant claim of them all, aside from speaking about deceased individuals, is that Pope Francis has knowledge of these actions as well. Thus, in Martel’s estimation, the power struggles seen in the Church today are often along lines of those who are “in the parish”, meaning gay, and those who are not.

Presently, the fact remains there is no way to prove Martel’s claims, but they are likely to be vehemently denied. Either way, the book is generating interest and will certainly be addressed as time goes on. The book has been released in numerous formats as of February 21, 2019.


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