Muslim Woman Dead for Two Days Claims Jesus Brought Her Back to Life

Jesus brings dead Muslim woman back to life

A Muslim woman converted to Christianity upon coming back to life after being pronounced dead for two days. Her children, mother, and niece joined her in her newly found faith in Christ. Today, her six daughters and a son have either become full-time ministers or are actively studying the Bible.

Why did she convert from Islam to Christianity? A vision of Jesus bringing her back to life.

63-year-old Sabina is now an actively practicing Christian. She had been dead two days and lying in the morgue when she suddenly found herself trapped in a deep well. When she looked up, she saw a tree growing at the top of the well. As she was looking at it, a branch extended towards her, turning into flesh as it came closer and heard these words spoken to her:

“If you grab onto my hand, I will bring you back to life.”

She grabbed onto the hand, and immediately found herself in the morgue, covered with a sheet. As she sat up, the doctors were frightened and ran away. “I’m alive. Don’t worry,” she said. The doctors then gave her clothes, food and water. Seeing that her case was an extraordinary one she was transferred to a university research center in Moscow, Russia. The hospital, however, refused to comment on the incident, as the staff was itself unsure what to make of Sabina’s resurrection. Sabina was in coma for two days before dying (and then coming back to life).

When Sabina returned home, she was greeted by her daughters and told them, “There’s somewhere I have to go.” Sabrina made her way to the Pentecostal church and professed her faith in Jesus. And since then, there was no looking back. Her children, grandmother and a niece accepted Christianity as well. Her oldest daughter was completely against the idea of Christianity and would not tolerate even a Bible inside the home. However, she too converted a few months ago.

Sabina’s son-in-law Jamal is a full-time preacher himself and shares the story of his mother-in-law with his students. Jamal is also working for the cause of Syrian refugees.


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