More Backlash Against South’s Anti-LGBT Laws

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Sharon Stone and adult website xHamster and the latest to boycott Mississippi and North Carolina.

Leading Hollywood actress Sharon Stone is believed to have cancelled her plans to shoot a new film in Mississippi as an act of disapproval against the state’s new ruling against LGBTs.

The new film, titled as The Principal will have its shooting shifted to other locations according to follow up reports. The film centers on the topic of cyber-bullying.

Stone, a veteran in the industry, issued a statement to Rick Moore, the President of Mississippi Film Studios, citing that the state’s bill, known as the House Bill 1523, motivated her to do so. In her statement, Stone made it clear that she would not work in any state that discriminates against American citizens based on their race, creed, gender or sexual orientation through the use of the law.

In a similar move, porn website, xHamster has blocked all of its content for residents of North Carolina, after the state passed an almost identical and controversial law against the LGBT community. Residents who possess a North Carolina IP address will not be able to access xHamster’s content for the time being.

The adult website issued a statement mentioning that it will not continue providing revenue to a state that promotes this kind of behavior and that it supports people of all sexualities.

xHamster’s spokesperson, Mike Kulich, emphasized on the inherent hypocrisy that seems to pervade the residents of North Carolina. He highlighted the fact that the site received 400,000 hits for the term “transsexual” and over 300,000 hits for the term “gay” from users in North Carolina alone.

Porn viewers in North Carolina, who access xHamster, will now be forced to look at a black screen, until the site files a petition to withdraw the existing ruling against LGBTs in the state.

xHamster isn’t the only company to refuse its services to North Carolina. Recently, PayPal aborted its expansion plans within the state. The plan was estimated to be worth over $3 million and would have brought in 400 jobs into the state.

Mississippi and North Carolina have attracted a tremendous amount of controversy concerning their laws against LGBTs. The House Bill 1523, also referred to as the Religious Liberty Bill in Mississippi, signed by Governor Phil Bryant, allows religious businesses and organization to refuse services to members of the LGBT community.

North Carolina’s Pat McCrory had signed off on a similar bill exactly a day before Bryant did.


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