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Mike Pence Says “Faith is Rising Across America,” But the Numbers Tell Another Story

Mike Pence Lies Says “Faith is Rising Across America,” But the Numbers Tell Another Story
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Instead of the faithful, it’s actually the number of the irreligious that’s rising.

Vice President Mike Pence believes without any basis that conservative Christians are winning the culture war.[/tweetit] Words to this effect were spoken by Pence during his speech at Hillsdale College's commencement ceremony on May 12. Hillsdale is a conservative Christian college located in Michigan. Many in the Trump administration are former students of this college.

Mike Pence Says “Faith is Rising Across America,” But the Numbers Tell Another Story[/tweetthis]

The Pew Research Center numbers say otherwise. A survey showed that the number of Americans who profess to be unaffiliated with any religion continues to rise. Another study revealed that 55 percent of Americans pray every day. This practice again differs in numbers among age groups.

Of those who admitted to praying daily, the youngest group below 20 years old makes up only 16 percent. The 30 to 49-year-old age group consists of 33 percent. For those between 50 and 64 years, about 29 percent prays daily to their god. For people aged 65 years old and more, about 21 percent prays every day.

To any political observer, it is natural that Pence will utilize a graduation ceremony being held at a conservative educational institute to push a religious agenda. The preceding months were not good for the Republicans. Mainstream media had repeatedly hammered the Trump administration, questioning the effectiveness of President Donald J. Trump when it came to the fulfillment of promises made to the concerned Americans while on the campaign trail. It follows that the Vice President will want to reassure supporters that all is proceeding as planned. The feel-good factor is the more important as the midterm elections are around the corner.

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The population of adults proclaiming no religious affiliation went up from 12 percent recorded in 2003 to about 21 percent in 2017. The numbers include the three percent identifying themselves as atheists and three percent agnostic. People who claim to enjoy no religion are tagged at about 15 percent. The biggest shifts during the above 15-year period include a fairly large 16-point rise among the young adults aged between 18 to 29. Political liberals also espouse a godless view. Minimal changes have been observed among blacks, Republicans, and conservatives. Older Americans also tend to believe in a god. There has been only a five-point rise in the number of people who do not believe in God in these two demographics.


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