Michael Vick Spoke About Redemption and Animal Rights At Liberty University

Michael Vick, Convicted of Animal Cruelty, Spoke of God and Redemption

Currently, Michael Vick embodies repentance, redemption, and restoration. The former NFL star understands the consequences of his actions and shared this with students at the Liberty University convocation Monday.

Michael Vick was already a household name for NFL fans. He had just set yard records for quarterbacks. This all came to a stop in 2007 when his name was engulfed in numerous controversies. The NFL star was later convicted of illegal dog fighting. This put a stop to his promising NFL career.

He addressed his flaws with the students. In his speech, he told them that he had lost focus on what was important. This led him to follow a dark path that was marred by mistakes. He admitted to the crowd at Liberty that he rekindled his relationship with God after being arrested. Under the encouraging word of his mother, he read Psalms 23. This is the passage he says brought him back to God.

Vick told the students about his early childhood. His rise to prominence at Virginia Tech, and a stellar high school career. He was later drafted by the Atlanta Falcons as a first pick overall in the 2001 NFL draft. Under the Falcons, he went on to grace the Pro Bowl three times. This all came to a halt when his involvement in a dogfighting operation saw him jailed in federal prison for nineteen months.

Vick explained to the students the importance of God during his early life. He says he is a redeemed man seeking validation. The former NFL quarterback has become an advocate for anti-dogfighting legislation. He also advocated for animal welfare.

Michael Vick was recently inducted into the Virginia Tech’s Hall of Fame and has a job as a Fox Sports NFL studio analyst. Vick ended his speech by reading the students Psalm 23.


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