The bill was passed 97 for and 10 against

It appears that lawmakers in Florida have found out a way to prevent increased gun violence. Instead of imposing a comprehensive ban on assault weapon purchases, which they rejected, the elected representatives of the state have voted to put the sentence “In God We Trust” within the confines of every classroom. It is to be noted that the same lawmakers have declared porn to be a health risk. What’s surprising is that all these were done while the Florida public clearly remembers the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. The passed bill, HB 839, will need all the public schools to post the sentence in a prominent location.

The House passed HB 839 with an overwhelming majority of 97 for and 10 against. The pro-bill lobby before the vote urged the naysayers and those sitting on the fence with the statement that God cannot be placed inside a closet when the supposed issues can be regarded as bigger than what any ordinary mortal can achieve.

The reason behind such a bill has been described succinctly by Representative Kim Daniels, a Democrat from Jacksonville. She said that this kind of legislation is required by Florida, especially after what has happened in the US south. According to Daniels, Christ is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. He is also not a Caucasian or an African-American. Jesus Christ can only be described as a light, and schools in Florida state need light in such dark times. Kim Daniels has her own ministry.

Daniels did not hide behind fluff when she said that Florida has multiple “gun issues” which must be solved. She then added that guns are not the issue here. The actual issue, as per her opinion, is the issue of the heart. To prove her point, she mentioned video games. According to the elected Florida Representative, the video games are training children to be virtual assassins. Daniels said that people must realize that problems could be much bigger than the politics of the day.

It is hard for any rational person to justify the passing of the HB 839 bill. The 97 legislators who have voted for the bill may have no idea that the school already had a First Priority club, a Christian group, much before the shooting. They may think that future shooters will think twice before emptying their magazines on to helpless students.


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