Mark Driscoll Thinks Next Social Battle Will Be for Polygamist Rights

By Ruthanne Reid [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

After gay rights, Pastor believes people will fight for polygamous marriages.

According to the pastor of Trinity Church in Arizona, Mark Driscoll, polygamy may soon come back into common practice if the traditional definition of “one man one woman” marriages keep vanishing at the rate that it is in modern-day America. Voicing his disappointment at the recent acceptance of gay rights across America, the pastor feels that soon people will demand all kinds of marriages that are not in accordance with “God's plan.”

According to the pastor, Polygamy leads to future disasters. He claims that the violent conflicts between Jewish and Arab communities is proof of his point. He says that the roots of this violence lies in Abraham having children from Sarah as well as Hagar, his maid-servant. He further says that having different sets of children from different wives creates different sets of generation lines, which can end up in conflicts and fights due to competition.

Addressing the existence of polygamy in the Bible, Driscoll says that he does not deny it. However, he says that those relationships were against God's plan and only led to trouble. He says that in a polygamous relationship, there is always the possibility of one wife being favored over the others. Eventually, the children of the un-favored wife will hold a grudge against the children of the other, which can lead to painful and disastrous results.

After the gay community received their rights in most of America's states, Driscoll believes that the definition of marriage has become more vague and ambiguous. He believes that people who are gender fluid and non-religious people will take advantage of the granting of gay rights to fight for all kind of marriages that go against the traditional forms of marriage. As such, he believes there will be marriages between multiple people of various genders and even of people of the same genders. Marriage will no longer be a sacred institution through which God's gift of life gets expression he warned.

Polygamy laws of the U.S. have been challenged by Americans in support of polygamous relationships. In fact, some churches that advocate a more Biblical way of life still practice polygamy, though discreetly. Recently, Nathan Collier, a Mormon, was excommunicated for having two wives. However, he believes that it is his right to have two wives as it was permitted in the Bible. Collier, husband of Christine and Victoria have threatened the LDS with a lawsuit if his excommunication was not revoked.


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