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Man Drove his Ferrari into a Lake Because Jesus Said a Police Officer is Egyptian

Man Drove his Ferrari into a Lake Because Jesus Said a Police Officer is Egyptian
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He caused $1,000 worth of damage to public property.

Deerfield Beach, Florida resident James A. Mucciaccio drove his Ferrari into Lake Worth Inlet claiming that Jesus Christ told him to[/tweetit]. When questioned about the reason, he told police he was the smartest man on earth due to Christ and it is his responsibility to do God’s bidding. The 48-year old’s antics caused approximately $50,000 in damages. According to police sources, he intentionally plunged his 2000 Ferrari coupe into the lake on December 26.

Man Drove his Ferrari into a Lake Because Jesus Said a Police Officer is Egyptian[/tweetthis]

Mucciaccio caused a stir in the morning in North Ocean Boulevard’s 1200 block. A passing bicyclist informed a police officer of a speeding Ferrari in the vicinity of the area. When the officer found Mucciaccio with his Ferrari parked on the Inlet Dock, he informed him parking was not permitted there. Mucciaccio then backed up and drove toward the water at high speed. Mucciaccio escaped unharmed, fleeing the vehicle before it sunk completely, and a passing fisherman hauled him into his boat. When he finally reached the shore, Mucciaccio approached the officer and said Christ instructed him to drive off the dock “into a 6-foot window.” He also told the officer to smile as money will cease to be of relevance two days from the day of the event.

According to the passing fisherman who helped Mucciaccio into his boat, the latter told him that he drove his vehicle into the water as the officer who came towards him was “Egyptian and he did not believe in Jesus.” Police subsequently contacted Mucciaccio’s father who declined to comment. Police spent a considerable amount of time trying to take the Ferrari out from the water. The car was found 30 feet underneath the water’s surface. Divers had to attach inflatable airbags to the car and tow it under the water to the Riviera Beach's Jim Barry Light Harbor Park.

The monetary damage was considerable, but mostly to the owner of the car. Other than vehicle damage, $1,000 of town property was damaged when Mucciaccio hit a metal ladder.


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