Staver says the resolution passed in California is for “minor-attracted” invididuals

Conservative Christian radio show, Crosstalk, had Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver on to speak about a non-binding resolution which was passed by the California General Assembly. This resolution asks religious leaders to promote equitable as well as compassionate treatment of the LGBTQ people in California.

Mat Staver has said that the resolution is “essentially a directive.” He went on to say that it targets pastors, churches, and discriminates against people and Christian counselors who have overcome unwanted feelings of sexual attraction.

He said that Assemblyman Evan Low, the resolution’s sponsor, had withdrawn legislation which would have marked conversion therapy as fraudulent. Staver has even mentioned that the bill was trying to ban parts of the Bible which talk about homosexuality.

Mat Staver said the “Q” in LGBTQ stands in support of a spectrum which includes people who are homosexual, gender-confused, and minor-attracted individuals. He described minor-attracted individuals as people who wish to have sex with other people who aren’t of legal age.

He also said that the charge when the conversation began about federal legislation as well as cases which are waiting for action from the Supreme Court on the Civil Rights Act’s ban on discrimination on the basis that sex applies to discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Staver then said that the Equality Act is “an LGBT propaganda bill.” He also noted that the Do Not Harm Act would “gut” the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Host Jim Schneider said that more than 200 corporations happened to sign a brief which asks the Supreme Court to enforce that discrimination based on sexual orientation, and gender identity is banned by the Civil Rights Act. Staver replied that these companies are aiming for the Supreme Court to force people into supporting those desire to have sex with underage children.


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