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LDS Church Issues Clarification on Prohibited Substances Such as Coffee And Vapes

LDS Church Issues Clarification on Prohibited Substances Such as Coffee And Vapes

Younger members of the LDS church are less concerned about consuming prohibited substances.

In 1833, Joseph Smith, the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Mormonism, had a revelation, known as the “Word of Wisdom”. Followers of this faith follow the rules in the book, as they are from God.

LDS Church Issues Clarification on Prohibited Substances Such as Coffee And Vapes[/tweetthis]

For several years, there has been a lot of confusion regarding the list of prohibited substances. Due to the constant changes in trends, it is quite confusing for the younger generation to understand what they can have and what to avoid.

According to the “Word of Wisdom”, members of the LDS Church cannot consume tea, coffee, illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. With the new instructions, there won’t be any room for error regarding these types of substances. The LDS Church believes these materials are known for causing addiction among people and harming them in the long run.

When it comes to coffee, there are a variety of beverages, which aren’t clear about the presence of this substance. According to the religious authorities, one should make it a point to ask about what is in the drink, before ordering it. Similarly, all beverages which end with “ccino,” or have “espresso, caffe, latte, and mocha” in the description have coffee in them.

While the church is studying medical marijuana and its uses in the healthcare industry, they made one thing clear. Only those who receive a prescription from qualified physicians have permission to consume medical marijuana. The church believes that this substance can be as addictive opioids, which doctors recommend for pain relief. Although there is a significant shift towards loosening marijuana laws all over the world, the church is cautious when it comes to these substances. According to the “Word of Wisdom”, members cannot consume marijuana for recreational purposes.

Vaping is popular among the younger generation, who perceives it as a substance that doesn’t have the harmful effects of cigarettes. However, the reality is that these substances don’t only contain flavoring. Many of the vaping pods tend to have nicotine, which is known to be extremely addictive. On top of that, it contains a host of substances which are harmful to the human body.

The aim is to provide additional clarifications on drinking and eating habits, to keep up with the ever-changing norms in society.


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