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Kevin Sorbo & Sean Hannity’s New Film About Atheist Who Sees “The Light” in Near-Death Experience

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
The film pushes Christian spirituality to the hilt

Kevin Sorbo, who gained fame for starring in the Hercules television series, is at present known primarily for his involvement in the faith-based entertainment industry. He made his directorial debut in Let There Be Light, with Sean Hannity as the producer of the film. The partnership has yielded a flick more polished compared to the other films of this genre. The subject of the film concerns spiritual awakening of an atheist famous throughout the globe. The character is clearly a simplistic take on the scientist and outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins.

Kevin Sorbo & Sean Hannity’s New Film About Atheist Who Sees “The Light” in Near-Death Experience[/tweetthis]

Sorbo plays the role of Dr. Sol Harkens. From the first few seconds of screen time, it is evident that the character is the view of the devout of what an atheist looks like. Harkens is coarse and prone to abuse God and spirituality at every opportunity. He also loudly proclaims that his faith lies in sex, rock music, and drugs. To prove there is no God, he asks his adoring audience that if the Almighty exists, then why did God snatch away his son when the child was only eight years old?

For all his bluster, Harkens by all accounts is a lonely man. He perpetually drinks when he is at home, sitting in front of his television set. His ex-wife Katy, played by Sam Sorbo, resents when he exploits their son's death during public appearances. Katy and their remaining two sons are in contrast devout Christians.

Harkens' life changed when, in a drunken state, he crashed his car into a wall while driving back from a book party. He experienced a vision during his near-death experience. He saw his long expired son and then started to believe in God. His outlook towards Christianity changed and he started to verbalize his new found faith even when his publicists forbid him to do so.

Sam Sorbo, who plays his estranged wife on screen, is also his wife in the real world. She is also a devout Christian and promotes homeschooling. She believes that the latter is one of the ways the greatness of God can be passed on to the next generation. Sorbo believes that the public school system is against Christianity. She opines that although God is removed from schools, religion remained. The problem is, according to her, that children are taught religions other than Christianity.


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