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Did Kevin Sorbo Get Kicked From A Comic Convention For Being Christian?

Did Kevin Sorbo Get Kicked From A Comic Convention For Being Christian?

War of Words Between Hercules Star and Convention

Usually, Comic Book Conventions are not known for their controversy. But the East Coast Comic Book Convention has created a stir based upon the attendance of Kevin Sorbo. The actor who started on the television show Hercules and Andromeda was supposedly banned from the convention based upon his conservative Christian views and friendship with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.

The two had worked together for the movie Let There Be Light, a faith-based film. Kevin Sorbo has starred in several faith-based films, including God’s Not Dead, where he plays an atheist professor who tries to disprove God to his students.

Kevin Sorbo attacked the convention, stating that he had never been invited and criticized the lack of any “A-listers” attending the show. Conservative news agencies have paid particular attention to the story, using it as an example of the entertainment industry being prejudicial against Christianity. In fact, Kevin Sorbo has repeatedly called out Hollywood, stating that it is difficult to be a conservative Christian as an actor.

Cliff Galbraith, the founder of the convention has a different version of the story. He stated he was not going to invite Kevin Sorbo because it was not a good fit for the convention based on his performance and acting background, not his political or religious views. He then joked on Facebook that it was because of Sorbo’s friendship with Sean Hannity. Galbraith has expressed a dislike of Sean Hannity, but stated that it would not affect his decision to invite any guest. Galbraith also stated that he has personally responded to each comment about his post and used it as an opportunity to open a dialogue about different opinions and how they affect pop culture and the entertainment industry.

It is not stated if Galbriath has spoken to Sorbo about the incident.


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