Why Is Kanye Tweeting About The “Hugging Saint"?

JASON PERSSE is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Guru Has Hugged Millions In Her Lifetime

Kanye West took a year off from using social media. In the last month back, he has been making up for lost time. While most media attention is about his messages regarding slavery or iPhone addiction, he also has made a heartfelt message about spirituality.

Kanye tweeted about Amma Mata, the “Hugging Saint.”

Amma Mata has been a crusade of hugging for decades. She is a guru from India that has embraced millions of people. She is known for hugging sessions that last for hours. She is considered a saint that uses hugging as a Darshana. A Darshana is a sacred ritual in Hinduism that results in a blessing.

The term Amma is known “mother.” She has both a nonprofit organization known for providing relief for global humanitarian crises and a large following of devotees. While she has been accused of abuse by some former followers, she maintains a popular audience.

Some have speculated that Amma will be a part of Kanye’s new project involving a book on spirituality, but it is still unclear if the two have met.


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