Justin Bieber is increasingly in the news for his displays of Christian devotion.

Justin Bieber has not just been on the news for being a singing sensation, but also for his open acceptance of his Christian roots. Most recently, Bieber surprised his fans by breaking into a Christian song, “I will sing of your love forever”, during a concert in Paris. Bieber fans quickly picked up the song and sang along with him, so that the gathering of tens of thousands of Bieber fans turned into one massive Gospel song-singing crowd.

This is not the first time that the internationally-loved singer has displayed his love for Christ. Ever since the release of his album, Purpose, Bieber has been increasingly turning a devout Christian. In fact, he even revealed that he wanted to live like Christ, though he knew he could never be someone like Christ. He added that Jesus was, and still is, the biggest healer of all time. He went on to say that he himself experienced the healing power of Christ. The singer also affirmed that he is serious about his faith and intends to be very vocal and proud about it.

Bieber has been using his international platform to proclaim his faith and does not appear to shy away from it.

One of the most surprising religious acts by Bieber is the time when he asked Pastor Judah Smith to preach during his concert. This was incident shocked Bieber's fans, and as such, him singing a gospel song during his concert may not have come as a surprise to most people. The singer even has a tattoo printed on his chest, together with the Hebrew version of the name Jesus, Yeshua.

His most recent display of Christian devotion came during a concert at his 'On The Purpose Tour' in Paris. The singer sat on a couch with a guitar, breaking into an impromptu rendition of “I will sing of your love forever”, which left the screaming audience swept up with a wave of devotion. The audience was seen raising up their phone flashlights, swaying their arms and joining him him in singing the song.

These acts of devotion have been received by the religious Christians with mixed feelings. People are now confused about Bieber's show of faith, which are interspersed with his seemingly often odd behavior. Needless to say, more conservative Christians are seeing his Christian behavior as nothing but publicity stunts. Other Christians are delighted, however, and are praying that he continues to progress on the Christian path.


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