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Justin Bieber Reportedly Breaks Ties with His Pastor, Carl Lentz

Justin Bieber Reportedly Breaks Ties with His Pastor, Carl Lentz
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The Hillsong Church pastor is out of Bieber’s loop

If recent news reports are to be believed, Justin Bieber is no longer on talking terms with Carl Lentz[/tweetit], his longtime pastor at Hillsong Church. The 24-year-old broke ties with the 39-year-old Lentz but not with the church. This is a far cry from the days the two were considered inseparable not only by the tabloid media but also by the singer's friends and celebrities who knew the two.

Justin Bieber Reportedly Breaks Ties with His Pastor, Carl Lentz[/tweetthis]

Lentz's Hillsong Church, particularly its Los Angeles megachurch branch, was a vital component of Bieber's life. The church served as a dating venue for Bieber when he wooed Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, the actor, and deeply religious person. Lentz himself advised the singer on matters of God, Christianity, and faith over several years. When Bieber got engaged to Baldwin, many believed he would officiate the wedding between the two.

Are these media reports true or just gossip? Lentz was ambushed by a reporter in Australia and TMZ reported he “appeared to have trouble congratulating Justin on his engagement.” Other sources report Lentz had no clue about officiating the wedding, leading us to believe the officiant rumors were just that, rumors.

Regardless of Lentz's level of involvement or lack of it, Bieber and Baldwin both spiced up their engagement announcements on social media with how divine intervention will play an important role in their loving relationship and future marriage. This is notable as Bieber through social media explained with adequate length about how Baldwin is his life's love. Similar to other frequent social media users, he had no hesitation to state that he is truly committed to leading his soon-to-be-new family with total integrity and honor. He also talked about allowing Jesus via the Holy Spirit to guide him in every work he does.


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