Donald Trump Presbyterian

Donald Trump Is A Proud Presbyterian

Donald Trump Presbyterian

The 2016 U.S. presidential hopeful has a collection of Bibles in his Manhattan apartment.

Donald Trump, both by name and by face, is one of the more recognizable figures in contemporary pop culture.  His business acumen, television personality, conservative political views, and now his presidential candidacy are all front page news.

But what about his religious beliefs? 

Trump is a proud Presbyterian, a fact that he thinks most people don’t know, and a member of the Marble Collegiate Church, a Reformed Church in America congregation.  At the same time, he is not a big fan of Islam.  He’s quoted as saying we have a “Muslim problem,” but also states that there are many “fabulous” Muslims in the world.

Trump also says that he is a “Sunday church person” when he is able to go.  But he most definitely attends on Christmas and Easter. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of Trump’s religious profile is a hobby that was sort of forced upon him.  Over the years, fans have gotten into the habit of sending bibles to Trump, and since he would “never do anything negative” to a bible, he keeps them all.  And keeping them all is no small task when you live in an apartment in Manhattan.  To keep his collection under control, he will occasionally give some of his bibles away, reported The Blaze. 

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump Kushner, who also has achieved some fame on television and otherwise, converted to Judaism, which has blessed the Donald with Jewish grandchildren.  He has said that he is proud to have both a Jewish daughter and granddaughter

There is another group Donald Trump can join if he wins in 2016, joining Andrew Jackson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan:  Presbyterians who have been President of the United States of America.  


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