Jewish Football Players

To kick off the first official National Football League (NFL) games being played this weekend, we’re taking a look at the Top 7 Jewish NFL players to watch this year.

There are numerous Jewish NFL players, and many of them provide inspiration to other young Jewish people hoping to excel in sport. In fact, you will probably recognize some of them, even if you did not previously know that they were Jewish Americans. Here are the seven that most people have their eyes on:

1. Erik Lorig: going into his fifth season, the tall Erik Lorig plays for the New Orleans Saints but has also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

2. Adam Podlesh: starting out at the Jacksonville Jaguars, Adam Podlesh has moved through the Chicago Bears to end up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. His number of punts in his career so far total 467.

3. Taylor Mays: after spending his first season in 2010 with the San Francisco 49ers, Taylor Mays started playing for the Cincinnati Bengals and has not looked back.

4. Gabe Carimi: at a huge six foot seven inches, Gabe Carimi is not a man to be messed with. Now playing for the Atlanta Falcons, many are excited to see what Gabe Carimi will bring.

5. Nate Ebner: loyal to the New England Patriots for all three seasons that he has played professionally, Nate Ebner is a popular choice amongst the fans.

6. Mitchell Schwartz: after three seasons with the Cleveland Browns, Mitchell Schwartz is looking to prove himself once again this season.

7. Geoff Schwartz: unfortunately for Geoff Schwartz, he has been placed on injured reserve for the Giants, but many believe that he will see play before the season is out.

It is hoped that many other young Jewish American NFL players will start coming through college and joining their ranks.


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