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Jim Carrey Paints Trump Nailing Christ to the Cross

Jim Carrey Paints Trump Nailing Christ to the Cross
By Noemi Nuñez [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Oscar-nominated actor frequently attacks the GOP

Canadian born Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey carried out an art attack on President Donald J. Trump of the United States[/tweetit]. The attack can literally be described as a Biblical one. The actor, via his Twitter feed, shared his latest painting to his subscribers, and thence the world at large. The painting is a caricature of the present United States president. The artwork shows Trump as a Roman legionnaire driving a sharp nail through the palm of Jesus. Blood spurts out of the wound. The Trump legionnaire's face is twisted with anger.

Jim Carrey Paints Trump Nailing Christ to the Cross[/tweetthis]

Carrey's Twitter feed carried a small text piece along with the artwork. The caption included the Trump-looking Roman soldier describing Jesus as a loser. The actor imagined Trump describing the son of God as an unsuccessful carpenter. The soldier also says Christ is a savior for the sole purpose of being crucified. The text ends with the Trump legionnaire claiming he likes people who avoided crucifixion.

Carrey described his artwork as Christianity in the style of Trump. Carrey also included a live link to, the official voter registration site. For Carrey, this is not the first time he has attacked the U.S. President via his art. This piece, however, can be regarded as one of his best. There is no doubt this artwork will make the president particularly angry.

Carrey, although born a Canadian, took citizenship of the United States in 2004. Right-wing and conservative Americans signed a petition demanding the deportation of Carrey in 2013 after his sustained campaign against gun rights.

Jim Carrey has repeatedly stated his disdain for the current Republican administration and particularly for the present occupant of the White House. The actor has channeled all his feelings and emotions into art. The Oscar-nominated thespian draws pictures depicting what is wrong with the present state of affairs in Washington. The range of art subjects begins with Trump's seemingly flawed foreign policy to the separation of immigrants from their children. He also attacks the Republican Party from time to time. Several art galleries frequently display his work. The latest work seems to be inspired by Trump's immigration strictures on undocumented migrants. The president's zero-tolerance policy towards illegal border crossers has drawn criticism among conservatives as well.


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