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UNIQLO Introduces New Clothing Line for Muslims


UNIQLO releases their first ever fashion line for the modern modest Muslim woman in America.

Muslim traditions and religion have seen women stick to one type of clothing style. In response to the growing number of Muslims in the world, the fashion industry has identified the need to create a new fashion-forward clothing line for Muslims that is modest.

UNIQLO Introduces New Clothing Line for Muslims[/tweetthis]

UNIQLO a Japanese clothes designer brand, is set to release their first-ever fashion for Muslims in America. It will come in collaboration with Hana Tajima after a successful launch in Malaysia through the help of Yuna Zarai the Malaysian singer/songwriter who is fast-tracking the UNIQLO Campaigns in the U.K.

The new clothing line combines the skills of U.K. designer and a Muslim fashion blogger Hana Tajima. The collections of UNIQLO x Hana Tajima is designed for the modern modest Muslim woman, and it has various products such as hijab headscarves, relaxed jeans, rayon blouses that come with long and stylish dresses that have exciting prints and modern design cuts.

Yuna has even motivated Hana Tajima to design Baju Kurung (a traditional Malay dress) to sell to UNIQLO customers.

The growing Muslim fashion market has created the room for new modest wear line for UNIQLO in the U.K. This has come after a successful market penetration in other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

UNIQLO x Hana Tajima was officially launched on Feb 26th, and have very customer friendly prices ranging from 10-60$. It is the first ever campaign that UNIQLO is conducting using both Muslim and non-Muslim women.

Speaking with Huffington Post, Tajima said that she felt the need to come up with a variety of cloth lines since "modesty varies from person to person — it's not just about hijabs, it’s about finding looser silhouettes, more coverage, longer hems and sleeves."

The UNIQLO x Hana Tajima Collections will be available at all UNIQLO stores in the U.K. starting March 18.


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