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Finding Love Online as a Muslim

Online dating sites targeted exclusively towards Muslims are booming.

Meeting love online was once the last option for many Muslims. Even if a couple met online, it was tacitly agreed that this contact would lead to marriage. Instagram was one of the first apps to be popular as a kind of first step towards marriage. The benefits of being online are however readily apparent among couples. Being online extends the reach of couples beyond their family and friends' circle. It also helps that an online meeting is much more comfortable, with an added layer of security. There is no probable danger associated with physical proximity.

Finding Love Online as a Muslim.[/tweetthis]

Online dating sites targeted exclusively towards Muslims are booming.[/tweetit] Muzmatch is one such widely popular site. The UK based website and app is described as a kind of “Muslim Tinder”. The site's popularity can be gauged by fact its membership became twice the initial number from December 2015 to December 2016. According to Shahzad Younas, the founder, about 300 couples tied the knot in 2016, after both would-be wife and husband meeting through Muzmatch app.

Romance, however, is not easy online. Finding love through the Internet has its own set of unique problems. There is a shortage of decent guys. The problem of catfishing is prevalent on dating apps. Another big problem is random guys showing up at direct messages. Another big question among both females and males looking for love is how to find and then master love in the halal method online?

Unlike their secular counterparts, photographs of the Muslim couples in Instagram clearly show they are married. Married life is portrayed as an idyllic one. Many Instagram users came online to share lives of the married couples and not to date. Many couples post their pictures to get rid of misconceptions about marriage and the beauty of Islam as a whole. Many couples also show the wearing of hijab does not equal oppression.

Online dating is seen by many within the community as a solution to much talked about “crisis of marriage.” In the world of British Muslims, this phenomena is also known as “Muslim spinster crisis.” Many Muslim women, who are frequently well educated, professionally successful and older, find it hard to meet men. This is an issue which a number of Muslim organizations, mosques and even secular services fail to provide adequate support. There persists the Muslim taboo to discuss issues like dating.


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