The Stripling Warrior comic is challenging the LDS views on homosexuality with its depiction of gay Mormon superheroes.

The gay communities have seen a new dawn after the release of a game-changing comic book by author Brian Andersen. In this comic dubbed Stripling Warrior, the author has illustrated how religion and sexuality relates to comic book culture.

What really triggered Brian Andersen to create the comic book?  Initially, he was moved by the desire to provide more exploration of the mythology about the believers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the end times and their view on sexuality. "Basically, I wanted to mine the religious lore and mythology of the Mormon Church to empower a homosexual hero — to show that a gay character is every bit as worthy in the eyes of God as any heterosexual one," he said.

The comic is a project powered by So Super Duper Comics and features a character named Sam Shepherd.  Shepherd is a newly wedded gay man who is privileged to get an angel’s visit on the night of his wedding that comes with a message declaring him the hand of God on earth.

The main aim of the comic book has been developed to restore hope and to bring joy to the people who may have been secluded by their religion due to their sexuality. It is mainly focused on fighting against the denouncement of gay marriage and urges equal treatment for gays.

The author identifies himself as a gay Mormon husband who has used his creativity and experience to create a comic book that describes the worth of a Mormon. Brian Andersen admitted that he has long been condemned for his sexuality and this prompted him to create the comic in attempt to change the way society views homosexuality.

In his message, the author described how the LGBT community have been viewed by members of the society in a negative perspective and categorized in the group of sinners. He stressed that it’s high time that the gay community rises to the occasion and declares their worth and value in society.

Andersen continued, “The more my fellow LGBTs stand up and speak up, the more we will demand the respect we deserve as human beings. Who I sleep with does not make me less worthy, nor any less deserving of equality than anyone else. No matter what someone’s ecclesiastical leader tells them. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.”

James Neish is the illustrator behind the Stripling Warrior artwork. They are currently working on the issue three which will be released in March.


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