Is Apple Inc. A Religion?

Is Apple A Religion?

Is Apple Inc. A Religion?
GONZALO BAEZA is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Has Apple’s devoted fanbase passed from iconic to religious?

People will be lining up in droves to receive the holy sacrament. No matter what ridicule they face for their belief, they will not be swayed. They are firm in their doctrine. No its not Pope Francis and his rock star popularity. It is the release of the new iPhone X. The cellphone that will set you back $1,000.

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But it is easy to poke fun at the somewhat obsessive attitude of Apple’s employees and fans. The real question is: has Apple become a new religion? Let’s look at some key factors.

First, let’s look to see who the deity is. Steve Jobs. He had a resurrection. His speeches inspired followers to join. He spoke of an ethic of change and devotion. And his headshot for the biography has a messianic vibe to it.

The second step for a religion would have to be the enemy. Who is the devil in the story? PC. Remember the 1984 iconic commercial? The comments about being a revolution? The hatred that any follower will have if you mention the evil beast?

Third, A list of rules that is difficult to follow? Terms of service. Like other religious books, it is difficult to completely understand and some people didn’t realize they were breaking a rule. Even the line “submit” seems to be a bit based on faith.

There is proof that Apple may be more connected to religion. A study of brain patterns demonstrated that for users Apple products trigger the same parts of the brain as religious imagery for individuals of faith. Anthropologists have also said the construction of Apple stores has a lot in common with churches: the austerity, the lifting of products, the almost angelic lighting, and even the sacred logo.

The early reviews of the iPhone X have been positive, although some critics have found it is not for everyone and may just be a status symbol. It seems to take a bit of faith.


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