Investigation Reveals History of Indian Nuns Sexually Abuse by Priests

A few nuns tore the oppressive cloak of silence.

An investigation by The Associated Press into the dark side of celibacy within the Catholic Church in India uncovered some disturbing facts. When questioned, the nuns talk about Catholic priests who against their wills took them into bed and violated their bodies. Many Indian nuns spoke about being kissed and groped almost on a daily basis. Their first thoughts are of disbelief. It was impossible for the young and mostly just anointed nuns to comprehend that the people who are attacking them represented Jesus Christ. Worst of all, the Catholic administrative hierarchy stayed mum when they complained against such priests.

For all its feigned ignorance, the Vatican is fully aware of what is happening inside its churches for many years now. Abuse of nuns by priests are common all over the world, but Indian nuns suffer more due to the conservative nature of the country. It does not help that Indian social taboos discriminate more against the victim and not the perpetrator. Despite being aware of such crimes, the Holy See has done nearly nothing to stop such incidences.

In India, a few nuns are coming out and filing legal complaints against the priests who tortured them for years. Approximately two dozen current nuns, priests, and former nuns have said they had first-hand knowledge concerning such incidents. One particular nun’s complaint, however, stood out among the rest. When church’s higher authorities did not work, the nun filed a complaint against the deviant bishop who was entrusted with overseeing the religious order she was in. As per the 44-year-old, the priest raped by the priest raped her 13 times. She told her fellow nuns, and they began a public protest in Kerala.

The public protest by the nuns cleaved the Catholic community in India. In Kerala, the nun and her supporters were quickly ostracized by her church colleagues. They now live separately from the other sisters, some who refused to believe them and insisted that the accused bishop is innocent. One sister who has sided with the victim was even told that the group worships Satan.


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