ICE guards also used pepper spray on the protesters.

Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility Captain Thomas Woodworth has resigned, after driving a truck towards Jewish protesters. The Rhode Island detention facility stated they are investigating the matter with the local police department.

Never Again Action was holding a protest in front of the detention facility, asking the government to shut down these types of centers nationwide. Formed two months ago, they are a Jewish group against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Never Again Action’s spokesperson, Amy Anthony, said approximately 400 people attended the protest Wednesday night. Once the protest started to die down, only 30 individuals remained at the venue. They held hands to prevent the ICE staff from entering or leaving the premises.

Thomas Woodworth approached them with a truck. He stopped in front of the protesters and used his horn. After organizers started to crowd his vehicle, he accelerated and went straight through them.

One witness was able to record the entire incident as it happened. Soon after the truck went through the crowd, the security guards used pepper spray on the protesters. They ensured the driver of the vehicle entered the facility without facing any problems.

Gov. Gina Raimondo was unhappy with the incident, as every person has the right to express his/her opinions peacefully. She is talking with Col. Jim Manni from the State Police, regarding the actions depicted in the video.

Protesters stated that even though the police arrived after the incident, they weren’t helpful. The authorities didn’t take any statements from the injured, nor did they approach the driver. However, the organizers are asking people to approach the police and give their statements.

According to Anthony, two protesters were in the hospital due to various injuries.

One of the organizers, Aaron Regunberg, stated that the driver drove into the crowd on purpose. A spokesperson from the State Attorney General’s office, informed the public that they were investigating the incident which took place in the detention center. The official is asking the people to practice restraint until the investigation is complete.



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