Sacred Sites of the World Map

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Simon E. Davies, creator of our WRN featured ‘Evolutionary Map of Myths and Religions‘, has created a ‘Sacred Sites of the World’ Map.

From Simon E. Davies’ description:

“Since ancient times, sacred sites have held a mysterious attraction for billions of people all around the world. These hallowed grounds are considered to be imbued with divine power, and are associated with mythical tales, legendary events, or extraordinary people. It is believed these sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and inspire the heart.

Nearly every culture in human history has sought to honour these divine and mysterious sites, which include sacred mountains, pyramids, cathedrals, stone circles, and burial tombs. They remain spiritually meaningful to millions of people today, and inspire pilgrimages from all around the world.

What makes these sacred sites so unique is their ability to be universally admired by all, inspiring a sense of unity and oneness. They attract people of all faiths, and none, inspiring beauty, awe, and reverence. Irrespective of a person’s creed, followers from around the globe praise and admire the sanctity of these hallowed grounds.”

View the full size map on the Human Odyssey Facebook page.


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