Human Bones Found off Spanish Coast May be from Santerían Occult Rituals

Human Bones Found off Spanish Coast May be from Santerían Occult Rituals

Human Bones Found off Spanish Coast May be from Santerían Occult Rituals
Jorge Franganillo is licensed under CC BY-2.0
Scuba divers discover ‘Voodoo-like’ ritual human remains off the coast of Roca Plana in Spain.

Three human skeletons were discovered off the coast of the Roca Plana area in Spain by scuba divers who were out to search for marine life. The discovery has startled the locals and is thought to be associated with a Christian-West-African tribal fusion religion called Santerí. The paraphernalia discovered in the bags along with the skeletons point to the occult religion as well.

Human Bones Found off Spanish Coast May be from Santerían Occult Rituals[/tweetthis]

When Cristian López dived into the waters of the Alicante coast, little would he have expected to find human remains underwater. While on the lookout for marine life, López found a bag that caught his curiosity. The 22-year-old diver says he opened the bag a little to inspect what was in it and found a doll in a sheet. He says divers usually do such things to keep the environment clean. He took the doll to his boss, who later returned with him and others to inspect the area. To their utter shock, they found the bag contained bones, bird feathers, a bowl and ritualistic tools. They recognized the bones as being human from the femur bone that was discovered.

The following day, an expert team of divers from the Guardia Civil carried out a diving expedition to investigate and found another bag of bones around 300 meters from the scene of the first discovery. This bag too contained the tools and equipment that is known to be used in Santería human sacrifice rituals. Following the second discovery was a third one, by another group of scuba divers, this too containing human bones.

Forensic tests have established that the bones constitute almost three complete human skeletons. The bones do not indicate any sign of violence. They were browned with age and were found to have been buried underground for anywhere between 30 to 40 years before they were cast into the sea. Photographs and documents too were found in the bags which establish a match “with people who live elsewhere in Spain.”

Refuting the speculations that the Santería religion is behind this, the president of the Spanish Association of Afro-Cuban Santería, Paulino Hernández, insisted that the aim of the community is “to avoid problems and to heal people in their illnesses.” He has urged the people and the media to be patient about the findings and not to mix up things that have little in common with each other. The Guardia Civil has said that though they aren't completely ruling out the Santería's association with the discoveries, they are trying to investigate and find newer angles to the situations. 


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