New Song “Aala Re Aala Ganesha” Released in Anticipation of Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are taking place in Mumbai. A new song by the name "Aala Re Aala Ganesha" was released on Independence Day showing

Uncharted Lost Legacy Video Game Booth at Conference

‘Uncharted’ is a New Video Game Influenced by Hinduism

Uncharted Lost Legacy Balances Culture with Entertainment Can we learn about religion and culture from video games? The release of a new game for

Sam Well Preacher

Over 4,000 Faith Leaders Want Trump to Keep Johnson Amendment

President Trump has signed the executive order to stymie the law About 4,000 faith leaders from different religions have given their signatures to a

Caste Discrimination Is Turning Hindus to Christianity in Nepal

Caste discrimination and money are causing Hindus to convert to Christianity in Nepal. Nepal's Christian population is rising at a scorching pace.[/tweetit] The claim

Modi Urges India to Reject Religious Violence

Modi Speaking Out Against Violence in India

Many perpetrators support BJP, the Prime Minister's own party Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister has urged his country's citizens to reject religious violence[/tweetit]


Report Says Atheists Are More “Morally Depraved” than the Religious

The attitude is due to ingrained religious belief. An international study conducted by Nature Human Behavior, a journal, revealed that atheists are suspected in

Lingayats Demand to Become Separate Religion from Hinduism

Lingayats Demand to Become Separate Religion from Hinduism

Congress supports the Lingayat movement to widen its voter base The Indian state of Karnataka witnessed a new political drama[/tweetit] during the first week

FaithinRecovery Pt. 2

Faith in Recovery Pt. 2: The Surprising Truth About Religion and Drug Use

Informative list may change the way you see religion “Every addicted person brings with them a distinct personal history, which should be listened to,

Indian Politician Reveals That Most Indian Muslims are Descendants of Hindus

Karen Armstrong Golden Rule TED talk

Karen Armstrong TED Talk: Reviving the ‘Golden Rule’ For Everyone

Karen Armstrong -- Religious Scholar and winner of the 2008 TED Prize -- is a provocative, original thinker on the role of religion in