Nepal religious conversions

Nepal Outlaws Christian Conversion, Providing More Protections for Hinduism

Violation of law will bring incarceration plus punitive monetary fines The Government of Nepal enacted a law to restrict evangelism.[/tweetit] Bidhya Devi Bhandari, the

American spirituality

Examining the “Spiritual, not Religious” in America

The spirituals are found to be more helpful and empathetic A survey conducted by Public Religion Research Institute has resulted in findings which surpass

Hindus Praying at Bali Volcano About to Erupt

Mt. Agung has a history of eruptions Hindus in Bali have conducted multiple ceremonies at Mount Agung. They hope that the ceremonies will prevent

No Fireworks in Delhi for Diwali this Year

High pollution forced the Supreme Court to give the order against fireworks displays. The Supreme Court of India has taken the landmark decision to

Lindsey Stirling on Dancing With The Stars

Mormon Musician Lindsey Stirling Finding Success on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Lindsey Stirling, who found fame in 2007 via YouTube, is on the 25th season of the dance competition show. Musician Lindsey Stirling, worshipping at

Pew state religions

More Than 1 in 5 Countries Have an Official Religion

Only 10 countries are anti-religious according to new report. The Pew Research Center has found more than one in five nations impose an official

Faith in Recovery Pt. 11

Faith in Recovery Pt. 11: How Does Redemption Fit into Faith and Treatment?

Redemption In Drug Recovery And Religion Are More Similar Than You Think “I don't believe the world's a particularly beautiful place, but I do

Mass Hindu Grave

Mass Hindu Grave Discovered

Hindus were reputedly killed by ARSA, the militant wing of the Muslim Rohingyas. Muslim Rohingya militants are being accused by Myanmar authorities of slaughtering

Ganesha Ad

Hindus Are Outraged by An Australian Ad

Conservative Hindus take umbrage at the depiction of Lord Ganesh ostensibly partaking meat A Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) ad promoting lamb as acceptable

Is the Court Right to Annul This Marriage Between a Muslim Man and Hindu Woman?

India NIA to investigate annulled Hindu/Muslim marriage The Supreme Court has ordered the India’s National Investigation Agency to probe the marriage between Akhila Ashokan