Nordeman offered to hand-deliver Samaritan Purse’s Shoeboxes

On June 21 the infamous Christian recording artist Nicole Nordeman posted a tweet asking Franklin Graham to help the migrant children held in government facilities. Nordeman has tweeted an offer to hand-deliver shoeboxes which are filled with hygiene items, toys, and clothing to children on the border. This offer is in light of the recent reports about the horrific conditions these children are subject to in the U.S. detention facilities in the southern border of the country.

Many lawyers and journalists who have visited the facilities have said that many of the children do not have access to basic sanitation supplies, water, food, or clean clothes. Many children are forced to spend hours in cages.

Franklin Graham’s ministry, Samaritan Purse, has an initiative called Operation Christmas Child. This initiative lets supporters create and send shoeboxes around the world packed with toys and supplies.

Nordeman has volunteered to hand-deliver shoeboxes to migrant children and asked Graham to use his influence to help the children.

In a letter, Nordeman says that Graham called the zero tolerance family separation policy at the border “disgraceful” on the Christian Broadcasting Network in 2018. A week after Graham said this, Trump signed an executive order to withdraw the original policy. Nordeman is now asking Graham to lobby the White House to help the migrant children who are facing horrible conditions at the border.

She has requested Graham to ask Trump to sign emergency legislation which was just passed by Congress. This legislation provides critical resources as well as immediate aid for children who arrive unaccompanied at the border. She went on to ask Graham to ask the President to make sure that the U.S. asylum laws are respected which ensures that no one with a credible fear of persecution if deported to danger. She has also asked Graham to ask the President to undo a recent shift in policy which has resulted in 15,000 people being forced to wait in Mexico for their asylum opportunities in border cities. She noted the resources are depleted, and the children are in danger of traffickers.


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