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Greg Laurie Hosts 29th SoCal Harvest Amid Billboard Controversy

Greg Laurie Hosts 29th SoCal Harvest Amid Billboard Controversy
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SoCal Harvest is the longest running evangelical event in the U.S.

Greg Laurie, the Christian evangelist from California, hosted the 29th edition of the yearly Southern California Harvest Crusade.[/tweetit] The program, which commenced on August 17 and ended August 19, was held at Anaheim's Angel Stadium. The California venue attracted thousands of Christians anxious to hear the gospel as preached by Jesus Christ. SoCal Harvest is the longest running evangelical event in U.S. spiritual history.

Greg Laurie Hosts 29th SoCal Harvest Amid Billboard Controversy[/tweetthis]

The event saw audiences being regaled by top-rated Christian musical artists like Phil Wickham, Jordan Feliz, MercyMe, and Passion. There were three full nights of sermons, entertainment, and worship. Laurie asked attendees to bring Bibles so that they can hold their Bibles in the air every night and declare they will not be ashamed of the Word of God. This #StandWithTheBible campaign is a response to a few actions taken by a real estate company which removed Havest’s billboards from its Irvine Spectrum and Fashion Island Mall. The real estate company supposedly received a number of complaints. It also received a "serious threat" warning due to the advertisement featuring the 65-year-old pastor holding up the Bible. It is to be noted that the book held by Pastor Laurie did not have any marks identifying it as a Bible.

Laurie hopes that the campaign will mark a positive method for all Christians to stand up for the Word of God. He expanded on the topic in front of reporters, saying that many people scattered throughout history have undergone positive transformation due to the Bible. He concluded his monologue by saying that instead of getting offended by the Bible, people should pick up a copy and read it by themselves to know and understand its meaning. The world, Laurie claims, will be much better if the number of people reading the Bible increases and if they follow what the Christian holy book says. The SoCal 2018 edition of Harvest witnessed the participation of over 300 churches from Southern California. The event is extremely popular among the devout, with over 8.9 million attendees from the event's inception in 1990. More than 500,000 of them took to professions of faith after this event. Harvest America is now broadcast all over the world via satellite and internet technology.


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