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If God and the Afterlife Exist, Daniel Radcliffe Would Be ‘Pleasantly Surprised’

If God and the Afterlife Exist Daniel Radcliffe Would Be 'Pleasantly Surprised'
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Radcliffe isn’t much of a religious person himself, but supports a person’s right to believe in whichever religion they choose.

Daniel Radcliffe stars in the afterlife comedy Miracle Workers, with a storyline set in a heaven which can only be described as bureaucratic. In real life, however, the Harry Potter star is a well-known atheist. Radcliffe says he is an agnostic with a leaning towards atheism and does not expect the presence of an almighty or any afterlife. However, he will be pleasantly surprised if such a thing exists in the first place.

If God and the Afterlife Exist Daniel Radcliffe Would Be ‘Pleasantly Surprised'[/tweetthis]

Miracle Workers, on TBS, is a seven-episode series following God (played by Steve Buscemi) who takes the decision to destroy the Earth. Craig, the character played by Radcliffe, is a lower ring angel who is tasked to answer prayers from his dark basement office and must do everything he can to stop it from happening. The 29-year-old actor told the media that during his teenage years, he was “irritatingly belligerent about atheism.” That phase, he said, has passed. The principal reason is he has several friends for whom their faith has helped them during their life's trying times.

Radcliffe said he is fully aware that religion plays a significant part in the lives of many people and anyone can believe whatever one wants as long as nobody gets hurt. Religion, according to the actor, is perfectly permissible if that person does not push his personal beliefs to interfere in another person’s life.

Although Radcliffe, in his personal life, does not believe in life after death, his screen life and his real life have overlapped a number of times. He continues to get massive amounts of fan mail, although it is not quite the deluge of mail his character gets in the show.

For Radcliffe, his own life nowadays flits between two continents. He is now a London resident, co-habiting with Erin Darke, his girlfriend. He also frequently visits Broadway, and has starred in four major productions. Radcliffe has confirmed that the British capital city continues to be his home-base even though he loves New York and tries to find as many excuses as possible just to visit.


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