A giant glass slipper tourist attraction church has made its mark in Taiwan

Taiwan has a new attraction: a church made entirely of glass. The brand new architecture towers 55 feet above the ground in Chaiyi province. According to government officials, the structure is made especially for women. More specifically the female tourists who visit the area. To the average person the glass structure looks like a huge shoe abandoned by a super large Cinderella while running through Taiwan.

About 320 glass panels made up the glass church. The panels are tinted blue and enclose an inner area of 10 meters wide. The total expense to put up this construction took Taiwanese $23 million or U.S. $686,000. An open stage fitted with spotlights can be seen from the air. The glass church is slated to open its doors to the public on February- coinciding with the Chinese New Year.

The decision to build this church by the government was made in June 2015. It is conceptualized and constructed by officials working for Southwest Coast National Scenic Area.  It is a catchment area for tourists visiting Taiwan.

The principal use will be as venue for photo shoots and wedding ceremonies. Pan Tsuei-ping, the manager of recreation department of the local government, said that the government planned the structure to make a romantic and blissful venue. The idea is to gel with what every girl imagines her appearance when they wear their bridal finery. The emphasis is on photo shoots before the wedding and the wedding ceremonies itself.

The inspiration behind the construction was a local story. If one listens to the official version, Wang, a 24 year old young woman hailing from a poor region suffered Blackfoot disease. Her legs were amputated, and subsequently her wedding was canceled. Wang remained unmarried. She spent the remaining years of life in a church. Her memory was the inspiration behind this church design.

The glass church was clearly constructed to attract the fairer sex. According to Zheng Rongfeng, a government spokesman, the church has a number of female oriented features like maple leaves, cakes, and biscuits and also chairs for lovers.

The church has not received unqualified support from its target audience. Many people have questioned its standards. There is also a possibility that all women may not want glass slippers. There have been accusations of objectifying females as well. Many females, however, defended it too. They say that the church is attractive and much better in appearance than its peer modern churches. 


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