Get “In God We Trust” License Plates For No Extra Fee in Utah

Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The ‘In God We Trust’ license plate is now offered as an option in Utah at no additional cost.

From January 1st, 2017, people of Utah will not have to pay extra for “In God We Trust” license plates. Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah, signed a bill making the “In God We Trust” license plates standard. This has made Utah the nineteenth state to standardize “In God We Trust” license plates. Two other standard options for the people of Utah for their license plates are 'Ski Utah!' and 'Delicate Arch'. Ever since it was introduced in 2013, “In God We Trust'” plates have been popular among Utahns.

Representative Val Peterson, the sponsor of the bill (H.B. 127) said that in 2015, 5,000 “In God We Trust” license plates were issued. He said the plate symbolizes Utah values, and that explains the reason for its popularity. “In God We Trust” is the national motto of Utah, and this is one of the ways to show support to the state, as well as to publicly express their faith and their belief in God.

Senator Todd Weiler, the floor sponsor of H.B. 127, responded to criticisms thrown against the bill, that the bill violates the separation of the state and the Church, by saying that the motto has been a coinage of their state for more than 100 years. He said it is their motto, and it means much more than just religion. He said the motto and the plates are very popular with the people of Utah, so it is only appropriate that the plate be made standard.

Governor Herbert said that the motto for him represents God's love for his people. With all the bad things happening in the world, it is only appropriate that the people put their trust in God. He asked the people of Utah to put their trust in God, and not in the arm of flesh. He said it will help to guide the state, as well as the nation.

Herbert said the plate helps to make a statement as Americans and reflects on the history of the nation and of its Founding Fathers. He quoted President John Adams who said:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”

Herbert said we live in a time when the religious rights are being threatened, and that he is concerned about it.

According to the Governor, the state of Utah has a rich religious history. He said that the state was founded by people whose faith and trust in God was absolute. They believed that God was leading them to a place where they could live a good life, away from persecution. Herbert said placing trust in God is their legacy, and that is the reason why so many people have embraced the “In God We Trust” motto.


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