2011 was a historic year for atheist Robert Biedron, as he was elected into Poland’s Parliament. Biedron is a symbol of change, as he was the first openly gay official. He made history again in 2014, after becoming the mayor of Slupsk, a town in Poland.

It looks like Beidron has bigger plans in mind, after launching Wiosna, a political party. He wants to decrease the influence of the Catholic Church in the country by placing tighter restrictions on them.

He held a conference in Warsaw on Sunday to announce the start of his political party. He wants to take on Law and Justice, a conservative party which favors the Catholic Church. He couldn’t continue being a mayor as his plans to bring about revolutionary political change required his complete focus.

During his conference, he made it clear that he wants to bring an end to the practice of pitching the Polish people against one another. He wants the atmosphere of the country to change, by introducing the concept of dialogue and mutual respect among the residents. In other words, he wants his political party to be like spring and bring a breath of fresh air into public affairs.

With Wiosna, Beidron wants to put pressure on the Catholic Church, by eliminating the tax breaks they receive. He wants to bring an end to religious lessons schools have to teach. At the same time, he plans on allowing abortion to take place prior to 12 weeks gestation.

However, his ideology didn’t go down well with everyone, as several individuals criticized him for his efforts. Critics believe that by starting a new party, he will attract the likes of liberal supporters from Law and Justice. As a result, the party will face lesser opposition when it wants to stay in power.

Looking at the current polls, it shows that Biedron doesn’t have the same popularity as other candidates. However, due to his focus on being a part of the European Union, along with addressing social issues in the country, it may be enough to get the older voters to his side.

By showcasing the progressive side of his party, he appeals to the younger generation who wants to experience a significant change in the country.


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