People dressed in white eating on the second floor of a mcdonalds

Mussi Katz is licensed under CC by 1.0

Bacon was put into the food of a Muslim family.

A recent family dinner has sparked accusations of Islamophobia in Alabama.

A Muslim family, visiting from New York, stopped at a McDonald’s. They ordered 14 sandwiches. To their shock and horror, they claim to have discovered bits of bacon on each of the sandwiches.

Eating pork products is forbidden in Islam.

They believe this was done intentionally by an employee and wish for that person to be fired.

The local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is aiding the family in demanding an investigation. The owner of the restaurant does not think the incident was intentional and is looking into the situation further.

A new Pew Study has found Muslims are increasingly anxious about Islamophobia in the United States and nearly half of all American Muslims polled have experienced a form of discrimination in the last year.


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