Freedom From Religion Foundation Stops School Choir From Church Performances

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Freedom From Religion Foundation Pleased With Victory

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has won another victory in their mission to separate Church and State. This time it is in Illinois.

The Lincoln-Way West High School in New Lenox, Illinois was the new battleground. Their high school choir performed at a Catholic church. FFRF argued that between the prominent religious symbols on display and program’s religious content it was clear the performance was not secular.

The Establishment Clause of the United States says the U.S. government may not endorse any religion. By having an organization from a public school be part of a religious ceremony it creates the impression of affinity to a particular denomination.

The FFRF sent a letter to Superintendent R. Scott Tingley. The organization reminded him the Court of Appeals in the district had already ruled against the use of churches for school functions. Tingley replied by issuing a public statement that the school will no longer perform at churches.

There seems to be little backlash against the decision.


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