Freedom from Religion Foundation Denounces Catholic Church

FFRF stands up to hold child sexual abusers accountable.

A recent grand jury report has revealed some of the worst abuse known in the Catholic Church, once again rocking the religious organization to its core. It would be even more surprising to some, like the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) if it was the first or even the second time that major revelations had occurred.

This time, papers from many sources name over 1,000 child victims of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. The abuse encompassed individuals from six of the eight dioceses in the state, and there is a realistic fear that the 1,000 child victims are a small portion of the total number of abused people.

The problem with Catholic Church abuse is systemic according to the grand jury report, due to the extensive nature of the cover-ups that occur to prevent damage to the church. Presently, it is postulated that 300 different priests in the churches in these dioceses abused children. This has led to many people within the FFRF declaring that it is time to quit the Catholic Church.

The argument stems from the fact that the Catholic Church is a very old and highly protected institution within the United States. As a result, it has enjoyed special protections with very few inquiries into the nature and amount of abuse happening behind closed doors. Furthermore, the FFRF argues that more reports of abuse are likely to come from this point forward. If the Catholic Church was any other kind of organization but religion, it is highly likely that the U.S. government would have stepped in and brought justice to their doorstep.

As it is, the Catholic Church is a symbol of authority in the lives of many people, including the child victims. They know that the men abusing them have authority given to them from the highest power in their minds. This prevents them from reporting abuse or questioning the acts until it is too late for them.

Now, the FFRF is launching a protest on August 29, 2018, in Bellefonte, PA where the protestors will gather at the workplace of Senator Jake Corman to demand that he takes action against the church. The expectation is that this senator will support or create legislation that protects future victims of church abuse and goes after the church where it hurts them most: their bank accounts.

With the statute of limitations expired in most cases, it is likely that the victims will get no justice, but they still seek to stop further abuse from occurring in the church.


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