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Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown
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Graham requested prayers to convert Kate Brown.

Evangelist Franklin Graham recently held a rally in Oregon where he asked the people gathered to take some time to pray for Kate Brown[/tweetit], the governor of Oregon. Typically, one would link the notion of praying for someone with the need for a serious divine favor, but that is not the case this time. Instead, Graham asked for the crowd to pray for Kate Brown to become a Christian.

Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown[/tweetthis]

The attempt to potentially convert Kate Brown comes months before the November election for the Oregon governor’s position. Franklin Graham, a staunch supporter of the Trump Administration and the president, seems committed to helping the Republican Party regain some footing in the western United States.

Oregon is a state that is highly influenced by the Democratic Party, with Kate Brown leading a Democratic state legislature. In no uncertain terms, Governor Brown is not a religious individual and appears to have no interest in being “saved” by Graham’s church. When asked about what she does believe in, Governor Brown insisted that she thinks that all people have some spirituality to them. However, she merely practices yoga and meditation to indulge in her spiritual side rather than a religion.

It is important to note that the yoga practiced in the United States is secular more often than not, in contrast to its counterparts in India and other nations in Asia. Thus, the attempt by Graham to “save” the governor is not an attempt to convert her, per se.

Brown is one of many government representatives who do not have a serious and dedicated religion in their background, and that appears to be a growing trend throughout the United States. Not only are fewer representatives linked to a religious group, but it is becoming more accepted for people not to have a religious preference when they enter office. The lack of religion was once thought to be unthinkable, especially in a nation whose majority of presidents have been Protestant Christians.

Now that the Republican Party is firmly in control of most facets of the government, individuals like Graham want to leverage the power of the church to wrest control from Democrat-led states, like Oregon. Graham believes that “If the church went to the polls and voted, you could turn this state around” and believes that any enemies of the church are counting on complacency to keep Democrats in power.


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